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What is this ARTHUR place you say? We are a welcoming safe place that encourages connections across all layers of the community, utilising the shared joy of music, art and laughter as a people connector.

It is well documented that arts based engagement has a positive outcome for health, wellness and the community. ARTHUR is proud to be making a difference by giving people a new “happy place” to escape the stress of the world for a while.

We are a start-up Social Enterprise, where all of the profits from the door entry plus the sale of our START (Support The ARTS) premium wine brand are invested back into future events. We use our profits to pay artists, performers and musicians as well as curating new events that create curiosity, wonder and happiness.

We are the incubator for grass roots ideas, the 0 to 1 of start-ups, the start-up of start-ups; We provide stage and audience time to new musicians and we provide rooms for artists to experiment and share their work with the pulic. Got an idea? Come try it out at ARTHUR.

Voluntary Run

We’re super proud (and a little surprised) we were able to trade through the ups & downs/openings and closings brought on by Covid19 restrictions and this is mostly thanks to our evolving team of Volunteers.

Female Owned Start-up

2 best friends from High School have come together to build a business using their combined entrepreneurial skills. Juggling motherhood and an “out-there” start-up makes for some pretty stressful moments but with a fighting spirit of independence, a DIY attitude and the courage to give things a good, hard crack we are well on our way to establishing a flourishing ARTHUR community.

Since 2019

Cassandra Tombs of Tuxedo Cat fame took over the empty Avant Garde Furnishings store at 66 Currie Steet. In July 2020 ARTHUR Inc. was established as a not for profit Social Enterprise to nurture Art & Culture in South Australia.

We are passionate about curating events that create curiosity, wonder and happiness.

Our Vision

To create community value through authentic shared experiences in Art & Culture and creativity.

We would like to thank our Sponsors and Partners:

Tilt Design

If you would like to be a sponsor please send us an email through the Contact US Page